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Regs for the 14/Sept Autumn Antics Slalom,
and the 05/Oct Sprint Royale

FDMC Spring Solo, April 2004, Page 2

The up to 1400 cc class had 13 entries, with Grant Shoebridge, seen here tackling a slalom section with his 106 Rallye, finishing 6th in this class.

Grant Shoebridge

Among the drivers using more traditional 'club motorsport' cars, were new FDMC member Chris O'Brien in his 2.1 Escort, and Paul Burch with this smart Sunbeam Lotus.

Chris O'Brien Paul Burch

Southsea MC's John Taylor took third in the 1600 class with his Peugeot, seen here in characteristic 205 pose.

John Taylor

Doug Powell took third place in the 1400 class, in his recently bought 106 Rallye, and Hart Motor Club's Piers Evershed was close behind, with just 1050 cc's of Polo power

Doug Powell Piers Evershed

We finish with Martin Yates, enjoying a sideways moment on the rather wet course, in his Mazda RX7 turbo....

Martin Yates
Awards (with total times in seconds)
Fastest Time of Day
Simon Harris, Golf GTi Mk 1 262.7 1st o/a
Class A, Diesels
Steve Conner, Seat Toledo 268.9 1st in class
Mike Relf, Golf 275.9 2nd in class
Class B, up to 1400 cc
Damian Bell, Mini 1275GT 265.0 1st in class
Richard Symonds, 205 XS 1.4 274.3 2nd in class
Doug Powell, 106 Rallye 1.3 276.3 3rd in class
Class C, 1400 - 1600 cc
Warren Till, 205 GTi 1.6 5268.4 1st in class
Simon May, Orion 1.6 279.8 2nd in class
John Taylor, 205 GTi 1.6 282.0 3rd in class
Class D, 1600 - 1800 cc
Adrian May, R5 GT Turbo 271.9 1st in class
Mike Burrows, Puma 1.7 279.2 2nd in class
Class E, over 1800 cc
Ian Harrison, Mondeo 2.0 264.9 1st in class
Nick Davies, Vectra 3.2 268.0 2nd in class
Dave Dockree, Vectra 3.2 271.6 3rd in class
Class F, sports up to 1600
James McMurray, Midget 1.3 263.0 1st in class
Class G, sports over 1600
Mike William, Triumph GT6 296.5 1st in class
Alan Hockham, Caterham 1.7 307.1 2nd in class
Best under 21
Paul Jastrebzski, 205 GTi 1.6 289.6
Best lady
Terri Pearson, R5 GT Turbo 284.1


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