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Regs for the 14/Sept Autumn Antics Slalom,
and the 05/Oct Sprint Royale

Stahlwille Tools Sprint Royale, Sep 2003, Page 2

Two high finishers, among the Westfields and Caterhams: Kevin Plummer was 4th overall with the 2 litre Opel Corsa, and the amazing Lenham Le Mans of Terry Brown, once a Mk 1 Sprite, now highly developed and K series powered, took 5th overall.

Kevin Plummer Terry Brown

Iain McDougall Bell, with this MG ZR 1.8, was the highest placed of the large MG entry, and Jon Payne was sharing his brother Rob's RX7; their finishing order confirming that borrowed cars always go faster!

Iain McDougall Bell Jon Payne

Brian Stevens presses on with one of the original model RX7's - it may still be for sale, if you're quick. Paul Webb is also contesting the 2003 Triple C speed championship with this 1.4 litre 205, and currently lying second in his class.

Brian Stevens Paul Webb

Andy Silman is seen here driving his Westfield to third overall, while Mike Relf gives his Manta, which is mainly used for rallying, some Sunday exercise.

Andy Silman Mike Relph

Nick Davies heads for the finish line with his 2.2 Lotus Sunbeam, in characteristic pose, and Gemma Morris rounds the hairpin in this smart Mini Cooper S.

Nick Davies, not lifting off Gemma Morris

We leave you with a straw bale (briefly) getting in Alan Wood's way.....

Alan Wood (not the winning run)

Awards (with best time in seconds)
Alan Wood, Westfield 1.6 51.93 Fastest Time of Day
Class Winners
Philip Wood, Westfield 1.6 53.21 1st in class 12
Andy Silman, Westfield 2.0 54.53 1st in class 8
Terry Brown, Lenham Le Mans 1.4 56.13 1st in class 9
Nick Davies, Sunbeam Lotus 2.2 57.54 1st in class 11
Phil Dainton, Locost 7 1.1 57.63 1st in class 7
Iain McDougall Bell, MG ZR 57.79 1st in class 10
Nick Davies, Mazda RX7 58.86 1st in class 3
Andy Nunn, XR2 2.0 59.36 1st in class 5
Adrian May, R5 GT Turbo 60.90 1st in class 2
Ian Clover, Midget 1.4 63.0 1st in class 4
Dan Roberts, AX GT 1.4 65.61 1st in class 1


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