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Spring Solo 2017

Welcome to the online entry page for FDMC's Spring Solo 2017, at Buller Barracks. And, to encourage younger drivers to take part, for those under 21 on the date of the event, there's a special reduced entry fee, of just 10 pounds.

Before entering (by any method) do, please, read through the regs for the event, here, Regs.pdf. .

Methods of entry and payment

The event can be entered in the traditional way, ie by printing out the Manual Entry Form in the Regs, completing it by hand, and posting it with a cheque to the Secretary of the Meeting. For those who prefer, here's how you can submit an online entry, and pay via PayPal or credit card.

BOTH your entry form and the payment must be received, for your entry to be accepted. If only one of them is received, your entry will be provisional until we receive them both. So, making your online entry and payment at the same time is much the best way.

Online Entry form

Fill in all relevant fields in the online entry form, OnlineEntryform , and then click 'Submit'.

Online payment by PayPal, or credit card

Just click the 'Pay Now' button, below, to use your Paypal account if you have one. Or, you can use a credit card, on Paypal's guest basis (by selecting the 'Check Out as a Guest' option, on the first PayPal screen).

Spring Solo Entry Type
Driver's Name

If you're not already a PayPal user, but would like to become one, then go to PayPal, and follow the (very easy) instructions for opening an account.

If you have any queries about using either of these methods, then do please email me, at simontaylor@fdmc.org.uk

And the current entries list is here, Spring Solo Entries.

Thanks, and happy Soloing ! - The Spring Solo organising team.

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