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FDMC September Solo 2012, Page 2

Piotr Kozimor, having previously used a Golf GTi, a Peugeot 106 Rallye and an MX5, has now acquired this Clio Williams 3, one of only about 350 surviving in the UK, and in their first event together, Piotr and the Clio came within half a second of winning Class CD. Among more close results, Barry Simpson, driving his Saxo VTR, took the second place award in Class CC, just 0.54 seconds ahead of Jon Hunt in third place, and in the Historics, Class CA, Andy Fields from Southsea Motor Club drove the 1300 Mini to win this class from James Mumford, by only 0.33 seconds.

Tom Bance, also from Southsea MC, brought along this rare and tasty BMW M3 convertible, while Martin Prescott, already successful in Minis, was giving his new MX5 its first outing. According to rumour, trying Barney Lower's BMW 318iS at Dunsfold was enough to turn Martin on to rear wheel drive! In Class CD, Alan and Peter Vinall were taking turns to drive Alan's Clio 172, with Alan finishing fourth in this class.

Andrew Winterbotham was another to compete in Class CD with his Impreza, Ian Clover and his red Midget were running in the Historics, and in Class CE Tomasz Marciniak took second place driving the Honda S2000, finishing just 5 seconds behind Arthur Chan.

And lastly, watched by a group of spectators, photographers, and marshals, here's David Ley, demonstrating some Mini understeer, on one of the morning courses.

For more information about these events, see AutoSolo's, and our 2013 season will start with the March Solo.

Award winners

Fastest time of day: Kevin Belcher, Subaru Impreza

Index award: Keith Pettit, Sprite Mk1

Ladies award: Anna Prescott, Mini 1300

1st in class awards:
Clubmans event:
Class CA: Andy Fields, Mini
Class CB: Maciej Knapinski, Fiat Seicento
Class CC: Ben Griffin, 106 Rallye
Class CD: Radoslaw Kmak, BMW 328i
Class CE: Arthur Chan, Mazda MX5
Class CF: Andrew Thompson, Caterham

National B event:
Class ND: Ben Heggs, Fiesta
Class NE: Xavier Brooke, Lotus Elise
Class NF: Stuart Harrison, GBS Zero GT

Full results for the event are here, Results.pdf.


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