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The FDMC Car Trial, November 2011, Page 2

Near the top of Hill 4, Allen Brown's Rover has got as far as it can (note the numbered markers), so it has now stopped, for the scorecard to be signed. And on Hill 1, driving another Austin Seven, Michael Leete of Falcon Motor Club, and his passenger, are heading for the third place award in Class C4. Some Sevens do acquire more recent mechanical features; rack and pinion steering, and telescopic dampers, have found their way onto this one.

Dennis Usmar, from the Maidstone and Mid Kent Motor Club,is a frequent trials competitor in his Mini 1275GT; Simon Fowler and Alan Hockham are regular entrants at this event with the 'Hockamobile' special, and Chris Judge, as well as competing in his Nissan Micra, coordinates the ASEMC trials championship.

Michael Trim was competing in the National B event, with his Peugeot 205, while Ken and Christine Martin were giving their Peugeot 106 a good day's exercise in the Clubman event. And lastly - Doors ? You jest, sir. They're not even an optional extra, on a purpose built trials car. Mike Westbrook demonstrates the recommended boarding procedure, for his very original Dellow Mark 1.

Overall Awards:
Emma Olsen, Citroen AX 1st, National B
Zach Lower, Mini 1st, ClubSport
Class winners
Chris Judge, Micra 1st in Class N1
Kevin Lower, Mini 1st in Class N2
Dave Harvey, Imp 1st in class N3
James Smith, Rellard 1st in class N4
Jeff Humphries, Ford Ka 1st in class C1
Matt Johnston, Austin 7 1st in class C2
Geoff Hodge, RDT Special 1st, class C4
Mark Cannings and David Ley, Astra The 'Share a Shed' award

Full results are here, Results.xls


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