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The FDMC Car Trial, November 2011

(Pictures - Richard Field)

This report is in two sections; for more pictures, and results, click 'Page 2', below.

Trialling - for cars of all ages !

Our annual visit to the Hungry Hill military training area, near Aldershot, was blessed with good weather and a healthy entry, ranging from experienced trials competitors in specialised cars (both ancient and modern), to newcomers with everyday cars, 'straight off the street'. Thanks to the ideal terrain, and the format of the event, they could all look forward to an enjoyable day.

Getting their briefing from the Clerk of the Course, Simon May, some of the drivers were entered in the National B event, for contenders in one of the regional trials championships, while others were taking part in the Clubmans event. They would all be attempting the same hills, and in Trialling, the objective is to get your car as far up each hill as you can. For the results, the performance between different types of car is equalised, as far as possible, by an Index system.

At the pre-event scrutineering, young Paul Brown is seen here taking a serious view of things, with Sharron and Matthew Hockaday's Citroen Saxo lined up next for inspection. Sharron would go on to win the third place award in Class C, out of 15 entries in this class, with this absolutely standard car.

What is it? A Citroen AX, and in the National B event, Emma Olsen took first overall, sharing this car with husband Richard. In the Clubmans event, Zach Lower, the youngest entrant, came out the overall winner, sharing the Mini with his father Kevin, who's driving in this picture.

80 years old, maybe - but make no mistake, Austin Sevens can get up these hills in a way that very few modern cars can. In class C2 of the Clubmans event, Matt Johnston took first place, ahead of Colin Reynolds in his MG Midget. Before applying the Index, Matt's total points score was the lowest (best) of the whole entry.

Geoff Hodge and Ben Cutting were sharing the ultra-capable RDT Special, to finish first and fourth in Class C4. Deep in the woods, Dave Harvey and his Hillman Imp were the only entry in Class N3, while Tony Meadows and his Nova were on their way to sixth place in Clubsport Class C1.

More pictures, and results, are on PAGE 2

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