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The FDMC Car Trial, November 2010, Page 2

As always, we were sharing the scenery of Hungry Hill with hikers, off road cyclists, dog walkers, and joggers.... but why can't more of our marshals look like this?

Kevin Lower urges the Ford Ka to 5th place in Clubsport Class C1, which his son Zach also took turns to drive. From the ever - enthusiastic Oxford Universities Motorsport Foundation, this Golf was entered for three drivers, David Waters and James Thomas, competing in their first Trial, plus their ringleader Ding Boston.

Regular trials competitor Richard Tompkins was competing in the National B event with his Hillman Imp, and showing what unlikely heights these little rear engined cars can reach! In another Austin 7 from Southsea, Rob Field is seen here using all its 750cc's, to try and reach the next marker.

New FDMC member Jarod Nash brought this Vauxhall Chevette, to take part in its first trial, and Geoff Hodge was the overall winner of the Clubsport event in the RDT Special. Built by a Dellow expert, as a kind of updated Dellow Mk2, it seems able to climb anywhere, with very little drama.

The Vauxhall Corsa, a quite rare 1 litre version, was being shared by Richard West and his son Tom, from Brighton and Hove MC, with Tom driving here. And finally, here's the Nissan Micra of Barry Callen, collecting another clean score, on his way to winning Class 4 in the National B event.

Overall Awards:
Richard Olsen, Citroen AX 1st, National B
Geoff Hodge, RDT Special 1st, ClubSport
Other Awards:
Tim Mountford, Clio 1st in Class 1A
Emma Olsen, Citroen AX 1st in Class 2B
Richard Tompkins, Imp 1st in class 3C
Barry Callen, Micra 1st in class 4D
Tony Meadows, Nova 1st in class C1
Russell Roberts, Nova 2nd in class C1
Dennis Usmar, Mini 1275GT 3rd in class C1
Jarod Nash, Chevette 1st, class C2
Keith Pettit, Sprite 1st, class C4
Matt Johnson, Austin 7 2nd, class C4
Dan Biles and Barney Lower, Ford Ka The 'Share a Shed' award

Full results are here, Results.xls


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