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The FDMC Car Trial, November 2010

(Pictures - Richard Field)

This report is in two sections; for more pictures, and results, click 'Page 2', below.

This year's FDMC Car Trial took place, as always, at Hungry Hill near Aldershot, where the geology never ceases to amaze, with beds of pure sand in places, and pure shingle in others! Helped by traditional trialling weather (wet beforehand, plus occasional drizzle on the day), the hills gave the drivers every imaginable challenge, along with a whole lot of fun.

Among the award winners, Matt Johnston from Southsea Motor Club with his Austin 7, now well past its 70th birthday, took the second place award in Clubsport Class C4. The Citroen AX was being shared by Richard and Emma Olsen from Maidstone and Mid Kent MC, with Richard taking first overall in the National B event, and Emma, who's driving here, winning her class.

Ready for lift- off! Keith Pettit and his Austin Healey Sprite were the winners of Class C4 in the Clubsport event, for sports / kit cars and specials. In Class C1 (front wheel drive), out of a healthy 19 entries, Tony Meadows, sharing his Nova with Russell Roberts, was the class winner, by a photo finish, from Russell.

The National B entries included Chris Judge, with his Nissan Micra, whose scorecard is being signed here by Martin Phills. Alan Hockham and Simon Fowler were taking turns to drive the Hockham trials special, with Morris Minor engine in an Austin 7 chassis. Since its first outing here, in 2008, recent developments include a Morris 8 front axle, and MGA rear wheels....... what will next year bring??

In Clubsport Class C1, Dennis Usmar took the third place award, driving his well - prepared Mini Clubman 1275GT. The Share a Shed award, for the best performance by two FDMC members sharing a car, went to Dan Biles and Barney Lower in their Ford Ka, with Dan driving here. Now... how are we going to get it out of here? James Smith and others ponder how to extricate his Rellard (Reliant V6 Scmitar based) trials special, from among the trees.

More pictures, and results, are on PAGE 2

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