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Regs for the 14/Sept Autumn Antics Slalom,
and the 05/Oct Sprint Royale

FDMC Autumn PCT, November 2005, Page 2

The Hillman Imp, formerly a popular model for trialling, was driven by Richard Tompkins. In the Mini, Lawrence Bones was getting expert PCT tuition from Maurice May, who won Clubsport Class C1 in the same car.

Richard Tompkins Lawrence Bones

Tim Walton, with his 205 Diesel, finished a very close second in Class C1, pasengered by a fearless Russell Roberts.

Tim Walton

Peter Manning and Keith Pettit shared Peter's Midget, to finish first and second in class. The 205 XS was shared by Geni Bartlett, driving here, and Ricky Bartlett, who took it to third place in Class C1.

Andrew Skeggs Geni Bartlett

Andrew Kemp, in his first event with this Marlin, put in some strong climbs after overcoming fuel supply problems.

Andrew Kemp

Ken Martin is usually seen sprinting in his 106 XSi - its suspension proved rather stiff for trialing! This newly prepared 1500 Midget was having its first outing, in the hands of Graham and Andrew Skeggs.

Ken Martin Andrew Skeggs

Overall Awards
Steve Colville, Suzuki Swift 1st, National B
Mark Worsfold, Dellow, and Geoff Hodge, RDT Special 1st equal, ClubSport
Class Awards
Clive Morgan, 1275GT 1st, class 1A
Maurice May, Mini 1.3 1st, class C1
Peter Manning, Midget 1st, class C4
Fiona Colville, Suzuki Swift 2nd, class A1
Keith Pettit, Midget 2nd, class C4
Tim Walton, 205D 2nd, class C1
Ricky Bartlett, 205XS 3rd, class C1

Full results available here, Results.xls


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