FDMC Autumn Production Car Trial, November 2004, Page 2

Sprint expert Maurice May was the Class C1 winner in this 1300 Mini, shared by Mike Relf.

Maurice May

Keith Pettit was a joint winner in Class C4, with his much used Mk 1 Sprite - the spare wheels on the boot are (hopefully) for extra traction.

Keith Pettit

Clive Morgan's nicely rebuilt 1275GT Mini, in period 1970's yellow, took him to second in class 1A.

Clive Morgan

Jeff Humphries and the Volvo Estate didn't quite get up this one.....

Jeff Humphries

We caught Dave Smith taking a sunny corner in his rare Marlin kit car, based on 1.3 Marina mechanicals.

Dave Smith

Overall Awards
Colin Weeks, Midget 1st, National B
Bill Mexson, Micra 1.2 1st, ClubSport
Class Awards
Bob Bennetts, Mini 1.3 1st, class 1A
Michael Weeks, Midget 1st, class 4D
Maurice May, Mini 1.3 1st, class C1
Andrew Butcher, Nova 1.2 2nd, class C1
Keith Pettit, Sprite:
Ross Newton, Dellow
1st equal, class C4


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