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Regs for the 14/Sept Autumn Antics Slalom,
and the 05/Oct Sprint Royale

FDMC Autumn PCT, November 2003, Page 2

Dave Harvey is a regular triallist in the rear engined Skoda, which will shortly be replaced by a VW. Young FDMC member Jamie Butcher took 2nd in Clubsport class A, just ahead of father Andrew, sharing an AX GT, and being observed on this hill by Roger Castle.

Dave Harvey Jamie Butcher

More family trials crews: Ian and Chris Lawson shared another Tempest, Chris demonstrating the art of wheelspin in this shot. The Austin 7 special was shared by Claire Norman and father Len. In this picture, he isn't trying to escape from the car, just leaning out to improve the grip!

Chris Lawson Claire Norman

Our last picture shows the Ladies award winer, Sarah Roberts, who shared the Fiesta with husband Dan.

Sarah Roberts

Overall Awards
Michael Weeks, Midget 1st Nat B
Nick Davies, Citroen AX 1.1 1st ClubSport
Awards - Nat B
Chris Smith, Golf GTi 1st, class A
Graham Skeggs, Mini 1st, class B
Dave Harvey, Skoda Estelle 1st, class C
Colin Weeks, Midget 2nd = class D
Peter Manning, Midget 2nd = class D
Awards - ClubSport
Gwyn Jones, Nissan Micra 1st, class A
Jamie Butcher, AX GT 2nd, class A
Andrew Butcher, AX GT 3rd, class A
Andrew Skeggs, Mini 2nd, class B
Mike Relf, Mitsubishi 3rd = class B
Dennis Futcher, Mini 3rd = class B
Andrew Kemp, Carlton Estate 1st, class C
Ted Holloway, Sierra 2nd, class C
Keith Pettit, Sprite 1st, class D
Sarah Roberts, Fiesta Best Lady
Maurice May, Panda Best FDMC


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