FDMC Winter Production Car Trial, November 2003

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Our Winter PCT used the Hungry Hill area, near Aldershot, with 14 entries in the National B event, from regional championship contenders, and 30 - odd members of FDMC and other local clubs, in the Clubsport event. The overall winner in National B was Michael Weeks, who cleaned (climbed) every hill, sharing this Midget with father Colin.

Michael Weeks

Graham Skeggs shows how a Mini can climb - did he get past the next marker? And Dave Smith was another of the leading Nat B contenders, in his Reliant based Tempest special.

Graham Skeggs Dave Smith

Gwyn Jones and Bill Mexson shared a Micra, Gwyn taking 1st in Clubsport class A, and Ted Holloway took this Sierra, one of the very rare 3 doors (and an automatic), to 2nd in Clubsport class C.

Gwyn - or Bill ? Ted Holloway

Keith Pettit is a frequent competitor, with this subtly updated Mk 1 Sprite. Rod Styles and Jim Morris, sharing the XR2, are seen here wondering 'we got up - now, how do we get down?'

Keith Pettit Rod Styles and Jim Morris

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