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The RAF Odiham Chinook Solo, 2011

Pictures by Richard Field

Soloing comes to Odiham - with 21st century timing

Alongside the Chinook Sprint, Odiham airfield has ample room to run an AutoSolo event on the same day - so that's what the organising clubs did, with a format to encourage newcomers to try this event, devised by the Clerk of the Course, Carl Streatfield. It was also our first chance to put FDMC's newly acquired, TAG Heuer electronic timing system to the test. In the picture above, you can see the starting lights and the time display, while below is one of the timing beams, and the timing unit, with Matt Downes at the controls.

To start our selection of competitor pictures, the Alfa Romeo 147 was being driven by Aaron Roffey, who has recently joined FDMC; Maciej Knapinski is now a frequent Solo entrant, with his Fiat Seicento; and Charles and Peter West were sharing their Formula 27 kit car, which has one of the rare, Volumex supercharged Lancia engines squeezed under its bonnet.

Chris Knott from the CSMA was driving his MINI Cooper S in Class C, and Chris Burridge brought his Caterham 7 from Bristol, to compete in class D.

Drivers who were Soloing for the first time also included Chris Kimmett, in his Mazda MX5, and Arthur Tay with his smart Golf R32 (those cryptic characters denote 4 wheel drive, and a 3.2 litre V6 engine). Sean Pearce was in action with his rotary engined Mazda RX8, and three of the Woodings family, Jo, Lauren, and Steve, were taking turns to drive their MX5. Steve, who's driving in this picture, was getting a bit of practice for our September Solo, next weekend (though most other drivers might say that Steve is quick enough already).

.......And the timing system? By the end of the day, the results team had learned lots about what their new toy can do, so we look forward to the benefits of its 'hundredth of a second' accuracy, instant display of the times, and self - compiling results software, in our future events.

The full results for the event are here, Results.pdf

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