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FDMC March Solo, 2012

Pictures by Richard Field

This report is in two sections; for more pictures, and results, click 'Page 2', below.

The Tin Tops strike back!

Fine weather, except for one rain shower after lunch, greeted our first Autosolo of 2012, at the Montgomery Lines site. As always in Solos, the queue for pre-event Scrutineering included cars of all shapes and sizes, with the entry divided into the usual six classes. Four different courses were to come, with three runs through each, and the best two times to count. In these FDMC events, for the top overall positions, the front runnners tend to be driving open - topped sports cars like Caterhams, Westfields, and Mazda MX5's.

But, this time....

The 'Tin Top' drivers struck back! The course was in our usual style, not slower or tighter, but heroic performances by three drivers of smaller shopping-type cars, two Peugeot 106 Rallye Series 2's and a BMC Mini, took them to three of the top four places overall, with one Caterham in between. Leading the way, Ben Griffin took Fastest Time of Day with his 106, while Martin Prescott, having borrowed his dad's 1300 Mini, finished second overall and winner of the Index award,

Dick Whittington and his Caterham were their way to winning Class F, also taking third place overall, and Piotr Kozimor, who has previously used a Golf GTi, was competing in his newly acquired 106 for the first time, to finish fourth overall, and win Class C. Watch out, Ben!

Arthur Chan showed his previous experience of Solos (in Canada) by taking first place with this silver MX5 in Class E, for production sports cars. In the same class, Roger Scott and George Rogers were sharing the yellow MX5, with George winning their personal battle. Brett Daniels, having purchased this Corsa via the FDMC Forum, took fourth place in Class B, hatchbacks etc up to 1400cc's - so why not buy your next car this way?

Among the FDMC members competing here for the first time, Nick Bailey took sixth place in Class F with his red MX5, Alan Vinall and his Clio 182 finished in a good fourth place in the strongly contested Class D, and Barry Simpson was running in Class C with his Citroen Saxo VTR.

Dolphin MC's Ian and Stuart Harrison were sharing their GBS Zero kit car, in its first season of Solos, after months of construction in the Harrison garage. Much admired in the paddock, it worked equally well on the course, Stuart driving here, and Ian taking a close second place in Class F.

This report continues, on PAGE 2

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