FDMC Judgement Day Autotest, March 2002

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On the limit - Mike Hawke

FDMC's annual tarmac autotest, Judgement Day, took place this year at a new venue, Martinique Parade Ground near Bordon. The National B event was part of two regional championships, the Southern autotest championship and the Competition Car Insurance ASWMC autotest championship, with the Clubsport and PCA events, using the same tests, being open to FDMC members and other invited clubs.

Kevin Lower heads for FTD in Nat B Brian Luker, FTD in the Clubsport event
Jim Morris chases co - driver John Taylor Engine problems slowed Damian Bell's smart 1275GT

With the tests laid out in groups of three, the drivers took two runs through the first two sets, with the best to count, and one run through the last three. After lots of rapid and skilful driving, the eventual FTD winners were Kevin Lower in National B, and Brian Luker in Clubsport, with Rob Rolston and Mike Hawke leading the rest of the field home, and Mike Biss's class winning Astra also taking 6th overall.....

Brian Rowland's unique Minisport 5 Mike Biss took no prisoners in the Astra
Yes, diesels can autotest - Dave Leonard Graham Skeggs, on Test 1 Clubsport class winner, Nick Davies FDMC's Mike Williams in action

FDMC's autotesting season continues with the Challenge Shield grass event on 19/May, which will also be a round of the Southern grass autotest championship, and Regs will be available from this Website during April, or by contacting FDMC.

Results (with total times in seconds)
National B:

FTD, Kevin Lower, Caterham 1700, 426.7

Class winners:
Rob Rolston, Mini 1400, 427.7
Mike Biss, Astra Estate 2 litre, 459.1
Mike Hawke, ICON 1275, 435.5


FTD, Brian Luker, Mini Topless, 407.7

Class winners:

Russell Roberts, Mini 998, 500.2
Nick Davies, Mitsubishi Colt 1.2, 532.2
Bill Anderson, Hockham Special 1098, 514.1

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