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Regs for the 14/Sept Autumn Antics Slalom,
and the 05/Oct Sprint Royale

FDMC Dimanche Sprint, April 2008, Page 2

Class 4 is Westfield and Caterham territory, and David Buttle, who shares this red car with Ray McClatchie, came out the class winner, also finishing 5th overall. In Class 2, out of 9 entries, Matt Carter took first place with his modified Honda S2000, and Roger Hamilton Lane a strong second place, in his much - sprinted 205GTi.

Demonstrating the art of opposite lock, and with definitely no lifting off, are Jim Morris with his expertly built 1600 Escort, and Rob Orford in his MGB GT.

Out of 13 entries in the hotly-contested Class 7, Karl Stevens with his 2 litre Escort took first in class, also finishing 4th overall. Russell Roberts took second place with his rally prepared 205GTi, and a close third was Jim Morris, seen above. In Class 2, Marc Hanson took third in class with his MGF, and James Withers sixth, in his more traditional Midget.

In Class 1, it was French Racing Blue to the fore, with regular contender Ken Martin the winner in his 106XSi, followed home by Nigel Patten with his Renault 8 Gordini 1300.

We finish with a view from behind the startline, with Peter Lawrence's Nissan Sunny heading into the first right-hand corner, and various styles of racing overalls being modelled by FDMC members.

FDMC's Sprinting season continues with the Abingdon CARnival weekend, on June 7th/8th, jointly organised with Sutton & Cheam MC.

Overall and Class winners (with times in seconds)

Fastest Time of Day, Roger Binyon, Metro 6R4, 52.98

Class Winners:

Class 0, Andrew Till, MG ZR, 60.79
Class 1, 1st Ken Martin, 106 XSi 1.4, 61.45
Class 2, 1st Matt Carter, Honda S2000, 58.31
Class 3. 1st Simon Taylor, Alpine Renault GTA, 59.04
Class 4, 1st David Buttle, 55.74
Class 5, 1st Simon Besant, Westfield SE Eight, 52.99
Class 6, 1st Allan Brown, Mini Marcos 1.4, 58.61
Class 7, 1st Karl Stevens, Escort 2.0, 55.23
Class 8, 1st Alastair Fack, TR7 V8, 56.73
Class 9, 1st Rob Farley, SCC Stylus 2.0, 54.94

Best FDMC: Carl Streatfield, Lotus Elise, 55.92

Full results available here, Results.xls


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