Dimanche Sprint 2004, Page 2

Some pictures just have to be used - new FDMC member Eric McLoughlin rounds one of Rushmoor's left handers, with his 1600 Caterham 7.

Eric McLoughlin

Tamsin Fisher took the Best Lady award, co driving this modified Golf GTi with James Hebditch, and Roger Hamilton Lane came third in the strongly contested Class 2, with his 205GTi 1.9.

Tamsin Fisher Roger Hamilton-Lane

Adrian May took second in Class 2 with this R5 GT turbo, newly acquired for this season.

Adrian May

The 106 Rallye was shared by Andy Powell, seen here, with father Doug, and the mystery red car is Robert Farley's rare SCC Stylus.

Andy Powell Robert Farley

Dave Leonard took the Best FDMC award, with his 4.2 V8 Westfield.

Dave Leonard

FDMC's Sprinting season continues with the Abingdon CARnival weekend, on June 12/13th, jointly organised with Sutton & Cheam MC.

Awards (with best time in seconds)
Ian Gaskell, Westfield 1.4 54.16 Fastest Time of Day
Class Winners
Mark Skeats, Escort 2.0 54.52 1st in class 10
Dennis Jellet, Metro 6R4 54.76 1st in class 8
Richie Gatt, Westfield 1.7 56.41 1st in class 7
David Skeggs, Lotus Elise 56.48 1st in class 8
Nick Davies, RX7 Turbo 57.71 1st in class 11
Maurice May, R5 GT Turbo 59.25 1st in class 2
Dan Roberts, AX GT 1.4 61.7 1st in class 4
Robert King, XR2i 61.79 1st in class 5
Martyn Crowe, Metro GTi 1.4 64.7 1st in class 1


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