FDMC Dimanche Sprint, April 2002

(Pictures of FDMC members - Tony Large Photographic; to display captions, rest cursor on pictures)

Best FDMC member, 3rd overall, and 1st in class - Matthew Preston:

Another good result for Matthew and the Impreza

The Dimanche Tour, a legendary FDMC special stage rally from the 70's and 80's, gave its name to a new event on Sunday 21/April, with the first Dimanche Sprint at the Army's Eelmoor driver training area, near Aldershot - this is also the venue for the FDMC/Hart MC Sprint Royale, on September 1st.

This report is in 2 sections, and the first page includes cars and drivers not seen in our other recent reports: Martin Prescott, Robert King, Peter Andrews, Jon Payne, Rod Styles, Dave Leonard and Ian Anderson.

The youngest entrant, aged 18 - Martin Prescott 2nd in class, Robert King, in his modified XR2
Jon Payne also circuit races this Sunbeam Lotus Peter Andrews, ignoring the speed limit!

A qualifying round in the LCAMC (London Counties) Sprint Championship, and in the MGCC's Luffield Cars Speed Championship, the entry included 16 from the MG clan, and 23 FDMC drivers - possibly a record.

Round Eeelmoor in 62 seconds, good going in an Anglia - Rod Styles Ian Anderson's smart 1275GT
4.2 litres of V8 power, in Dave Leonard's Westfield

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