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The FDMC Car Trial, November 2012

Photos by Tony Harrison and Richard Field, and for more of Tony's pictures, see his Car Trial Gallery

This report is in two sections; for more pictures, and results, click 'Page 2', below.

Trialling in the sunshine

What's in here, then? See later in this report for the answer, as scrutineer Maurice May encounters a rare breed of kit car, the Liege, with its drivers Barry and Graham Redmayne in attendance.

Getting their briefing from the Clerk of the Course, Simon May, some of the drivers were entered in the National B event, for contenders in one of the regional trials championships, while others were taking part in the Clubsport event. They would all be attempting the same hills, and in Trialling, the objective is to get your car as far up each hill as you can. For the results, the performance between different types of car is equalised, as far as possible, by an Index system.

At the end of a sunny day's trialling, in the Clubsport event it was Ben Cutting who took the first overall award, sharing this Nissan Micra with Geoff Hodge. In Clubsport Class C4, the class winner was Barry Redmayne with the Liege, which is based on Reliant Kitten mechanicals, but thanks to the ingenuity of its previous owner, you'll find a 1300 Suzuki engine under the bonnet of this one.

Regular competitor Chris Judge and his son David were sharing their smart Micra in the National B event, in which Chris took first overall, while Andrew Curtis and Nick Gage were competing here for the first time, taking turns to drive their colourful VW based Buggy in the Clubsport event.

Captured close-up here by Tony's Nikon, Peter Manning was on his way to winning Class C4 with his familiar Midget. The Mk 1 Micra was being shared in Class C1 by David Ley and Sabrina Hannant, very successfully, with David taking the second place award out of 12 entries in this class, and Sabrina finishing third. The father and son team of Nick and Chris Davies were taking turns to drive the Astra, with Chris at the wheel in this picture.

For more pictures, and results, see PAGE 2

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