Rod Styles, at Eelmoor
FDMC and ACSMC Championships
Dave Leonard, Autumn Antics

FDMC has two annual championships, open to all members, with awards being presented at February's Dinner Dance. Some competitors drive specially prepared cars, others use standard models, but depending on skill and cunning, you can do well with either....

The regional association for our area is the Association of Central Southern Motor Clubs (ACSMC). The ACSMC runs championships in almost every type of club motor sport; for Autocross and Autotests, these are run jointly with other regional associations, to form Southern Championships.

FDMC Chairman's Trophy Championship

This is a pure 'driver's championship', where you can score points at any events of National 'B' status or above, provided you enter as FDMC, up to your 8 best results in the year. If you compete mostly at regional or national level, this is where your performances can count.

2004, the story so far (including results up to mid Sept):
50 members have now scored points from 35 events. Andy Silman is already on a maximum score of 80 points (from eight class wins), closely followed by Ian Gaskell and Maurice May, now both on 76 Next up are Keith Hazell (55), Roger Hamilton-Lane (54), and newcomer Dan Roberts (48).

For full scores and positions, click Scores.pdf

2003, final results:
With members scoring points from 39 different events, Andy Silman finished first (77), with Maurice May second (76), and Peter Moorcroft third (68), followed by Ian Anderson (62), Keith Hazell (59), Simon May (55), Roger Hamilton-Lane (54), and Mick Moorcroft (52)

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cup.gif (1050 bytes) FDMC Lloyd Roberts Championship

Here, points are scored at ALL the events which the club organises or co organises through the year. Scores can be from any combination of competing, marshalling, or organising - but must include at least two of these activities.

2003, final results :
For the second year running, Nick Davis was the winner, with 65 points, followed by Dave Dockree (48), Graham Widdows (44), Russell Roberts (43), Bill Anderson (33).....and about 80 other members!

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cup.gif (1050 bytes) ACSMC Championships

The 2003 season saw FDMC members finishing in the following positions; particular highlights being Maurice May's first overall in the Sprint Challenge, Peter Moorcroft's second overall in the Autocross Championship, and Andy Silman winning his class in both the Sprint and Speed series.

ACSMC Sprint Challenge:
Maurice May, 1st overall
Ian Anderson, 1st Class A1
Andy Silman, 1st Class C8
Ian Gaskell, 2nd Class C7
Barry Sayers, 2nd Class B5
Roger Lane, 4th Class A2
Alan Wood, 4th Class C7

ACSMC Guildford Tyres Speed Championship:
Alan Wood, 1st Class C7
Andy Silman, 1st Class C8
Philip Wood, 2nd Class C7
Ian Gaskell, 3rd Class C7
Keith Hazell, 3rd Class C7
Matthew Preston, 4th Class A1

Southern Autocross Championship:
Peter Moorcroft, 2nd overall

Southern Grass Autotest Championship:
Martin Neal, 1st overall

ACSMC Production Car Trial Championship:
Graham Skeggs, 1st Class A

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