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Autocross, in UK motor sport, means a speed event on a grass surface, around a course of typically half to three quarters of a mile, marked out with flags and straws bales. (In the USA, autocross is an alternative name for Solo events).

The results are determined by your best time, usually over 2 laps, but cars start in pairs, so there's also the element of direct competition. The sandocrosses at Weston Super Mare have a similar format, but run on the beach, and starting four at a time!

Competitors often use specially prepared, though not necessarily expensive cars, brought on trailers. Some safety equipment, such as a roll cage and full safety harness, is mandatory. Successful autocrossers often make good rally drivers, and vice-versa!

FDMC's traditional annual autocross is the Barley Mow, currently awaiting a suitable piece of farmland to restart these events - any suggestions will be welcomed. For more information on autocrossing, see our Contact Us page

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