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Regs, and entry list for the 1/April Dimanche Sprint

Regs, and entry list for the 4/March Solo

Results for 2006 Championships

Abingdon CAR-nival Sprint, June 2006

In classes 4 and 5, it was the first outing with an upgraded engine for David Skeggs' silver Lotus Elise (yes, it's quicker), Carl Streatfield drove his more standard yellow Elise, and Ian Hardy his Sylva Leader.

David Skeggs
Carl Streatfield Ian Hardy

In Class 6, engine problems unfortunately sidelined the smart Mini of Andrew and Jamie Butcher.

Andrew Butcher

Class 7 was led home by FDMC members Karl Stevens (Escort) and Brian Stevens (Mazda RX7), taking first and second place.

Karl Stevens Brian Sevens

Andrew Smith and his Elan took 5th in class on their first visit to Abingdon, followed by Tony Meadows and his Astra 2 litre GTE .

Andrew Smith Tony Meadows

In classes 8 and 9, FDMC was represented by Steven Woods, with his Sierra XR4i, and three drivers who have built their own Sylva kit cars: Nick Orme (the orange one), Paul Wise (the 'mint green' one), and David Penn, whose green and yellow car got a Fireblade engine transplant for this season

Paul Wise
Steven Woods Nick Orme
David Penn

Sprint Results - FDMC members
(total of best times for both courses)
Andy Silman, Westfield 2.0 92.23 1st in class
Simon Besant, Westfield V8 92.59 2nd in class
Karl Stevens, Escort 2.0 99.36 1st in class
David Skeggs, Elise 1.8 100.19 7th in class
Paul Wise, Sylva Striker 102.23 5th in class
Nick Davies, Mazda RX7 turbo 103.91 6th in class
Brian Stevens, Mazda RX7 105.56 2nd in class
Dave Dockree, Mazda RX7 turb 106.17 9th in class
Carl Streatfield, Elise 1.8 106.78 12th in class
Gwyn Jones, Seat Leon Cupra R 106.87 11th in class
Mark Tottle, Seat Leon Cupra R 108.22 13th in class
Steven Woods, Sierra XR4i 108.4 8th in class
Nick Orme, RAW Striker 109.19 5th in class
Martyn Crowe, Porsche 944 turbo 110.29 12th in class
Andrew Smith, Lotus Elan coupe 110.87 5th in class
David Penn, Sylva Striker Blade 110.91 8th in class
Maurice May, R5 GT turbo 111.25 4th in class
Ian Rogers, Toyota MR2 111.76 5th in class
Roger Hamilton-Lane, 205 GTi 1.9 114.83 10th in class
Tony Meadows, Astra GTE 115.87 10th in class
Terry Dear, Metro GTi 1.4 118.25 5th in class
Edward Crowe, Metro GTi 1.4 119.19 6th in class
Ian Hardy, Sylva Leader 120.43 9th in class
Ken Martin, 106 XSi 120.70 7th in class
George Wall, Audi Quattro 121.75 22nd in class
Rob Choules, Suzuki Swift GTi 131.42 9th in class

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