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Abingdon CAR-nival Sprint and Rally, June 2004

(Pictures - RallyGallery: to display captions, rest cursor on pictures)

Our premier event, the CAR-nival motorsport weekend is organised jointly with Sutton and Cheam MC, at Abingdon Airfield. Its unique and very popular format combines, over two days, a sprint with two timed courses, a single venue tarmac stage rally, a tarmac autotest run by Windsor CC, and various social activities.

This report features most of the FDMC competitors in this year's event.In Sunday's Rally, seven crews included FDMC members, all in various Ford models, and most of them blue (?). First home was Martin Pilcher, 13th overall and 2nd in class with his red Escort.

Martin Pilcher and Helen Flemming

Neil Harrison co-drove Kevin Anthony to finish 15th overall and 4th in class in the Mk 4 Escort, while Maurice May and Roger Hamilton Lane, in Maurice's newly acquired Pinto powered Mk 2, took 35th overall and 12th in class.

Neil Harrison in the navigator's seat Maurice May's Escort, already in May Motorsport blue

The other FDMC entries didn't reach the finish (but found the bar, afterwards). Running at 60 were Jim Morris and John Taylor, in Jim's 1600 car, and at 53 were Mark Raglan and Paul Charlton.

Jim Morris and John Taylor Mark Raglan and Paul Charlton

Our unluckiest crew? Adrian May and Terri Pearson lost a top 20 place due to diff failure, within sight of the finish.....

Adrian May and Terri Pearson

In Saturday's Sprint, Andy Silman was the highest placed FDMC member, also winning his class.

Andy Silman

Among 15 other FDMC entries, Graham Meeks' MG Maestro was having its first outing around Abingdon. Also shown here are Roger Hamilton Lane (205 GTi 1.9), Diane Bones (R5 GT Turbo), and Martyn Crowe (Metro GTi).

Graham Meeks Roger Lane
Diane Bones Martyn Crowe

Dan Roberts was seen applying some opposite lock to the AX GT, on his way to third in class

Dan Roberts

Paul Webb brought his rare, newly acquired Daihatsu Charade Turbo, Rod Styles his very non - standard Anglia, and Andrew Butcher his 1300 Mini.

Paul Webb Rod Styles
Andrew Butcher

Our last picture shows Alan Wood, trying an unusual approach to the Bentley course chicane...

Alan Wood

Sprint Results - FDMC members
(total of best times for both courses)
Andy Silman, Westfield 2.0 102.98 1st in class
Alan Wood, Westfield SeiW 105.06 2nd in class
Philip Wood, Westfield SEiW 106.55 3rd in class
Dave Leonard, Westfield V8 111.26 6th in class
Rod Styles, Anglia 2.0 112.89 13th in class
Maurice May, R5 GT Turbo 115.77 2nd in class
Paul Webb, Daihatsu Charade 119.17 2nd in class
Dan Roberts, AX GT 121.73 3rd in class
Roger Lane, 205GTi 1.9 122.51 7th in class
Terri Pearson, R5 GT Turbo 125.33 9th in class
Graham Skeggs, XR2i 126.08 11th in class
Martyn Crowe, Metro GTi 126.34 3rd in class
Diane Bones, R5 GT Turbo 126.39 12th in class
Andrew Butcher, Mini 1300 126.57 4th in class
Graham Meeks, MG Maestro 126.85 10th in class
Ian Anderson, Mini 1275GT 138.53 4th in class

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