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Regs for the 14/Sept Autumn Antics Slalom,
and the 05/Oct Sprint Royale

FDMC Autumn Antics Slalom, Nov 2002, Page 2

Jim Morris's recently built Fiesta Graham Skeggs

Jim Morris's Fiesta took a day off from Autocrossing, while Graham Skeggs and his Mini formed part of the winning FDMC team.

James Lumley Bill Mexson

More shared cars .... James Lumley led John Swinney home in the Golf, and Escort driver Bill Mexson finished ahead of his co - driver Steve Whittington. Andrew Pillinger was one of the Cavalier's drivers, and Steve Candy was (again) a class winner in his Mk 1 Escort.

Steve Candy Andrew Pillinger

Fastest Time of Day became a close contest between four Mini drivers, and Jim Pullar's flying Nissan ... and here's the man who won, Kevin Lower.

Kevin Lower's Mini looks smartest from this angle...

Results (with total times in seconds)

Club Team Award:

1st, FDMC, Nick Davis, Graham Skeggs and Alan Hockham, total 1523 seconds
2nd, Bournemouth & DCC, Steve Candy, Michael Stewart and Ian Kamcke, total 1603 seconds
3rd, Hart MC, James Peckham, Grenville Williamson, and Sophie Peckham, total 1635 seconds
4th, Southsea MC, Damian Bell, Phil Kendall and Andy Coshan, total 1761 seconds

Award winners, Clubmans event:

Fastest Time of Day: Kevin Lower, Mini 1.3, 467.9

1st in class:
Damian Bell, Mini 1.4, 473.2
Jim Pullar, Nissan Sunny 1.6,474.9
Steve Candy, Escort 1.6, 501.0

2nd in class:
Rob Rolston, Mini 1.4, 475.7
Keith Pettit, Sprite, 521.3

Award winners, Clubsport event:

1st overall: Mick Briggs, Mini Cooper, 479.5

1st in class:
David Manning, Mini 1.3, 517.2
Nick Davis, Colt, 497.2
Alan Hockham, Hockham Special, 517.2

2nd in class:
James Peckham, Renault 21, 513.9
Bill Anderson, Hockham Special, 517.8

PCA (young drivers) event:

1st overall: Jamie Duff, Astra, 578.0


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