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FDMC Summer Solo, 2008, Page 2

Welcome to Soloing......... the new FDMC members

The entry featured no less than 8 new FDMC members, taking part in their first Solo; another record! Among these drivers, the highest finishing place went to Stuart Ransom, at 20th overall, co driving Steve Woodings' MX5. Steve Boon was contesting his first FDMC event in his Westfield, David Howard and Martin Cott were sharing this heavily modified Peugeot 205 M16, and Daniel Brentnall was driving his MX5, after spectating at our previous Han Solo, and deciding to join in!

Aaron Wearn was driving the Peugeot 106 XSi, Toby Van Deipen was giving his Subaru Impreza its first outing, and 'Uncle Ian' Streatfield was sharing Andy Fox's MGT GT: we're also hoping to see one of Ian's collection of kit cars in action, one day. Lastly on this page, CSMA member Steve Garside, shows how to save on tyre wear, with his rally prepared Golf GTi.

For more pictures, and results, go to PAGE 3

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