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FDMC Sprint Royale, October 2011

(Photos by Tony Harrison, Rowan Harrison, and Richard Field; and for lots more of the Harrisons' pictures, see Tony's gallery and Rowan's gallery)

This report is in two sections; for more pictures, and results, click 'Page 2', below.

Closing the season, at Eelmoor

October 9th brought our annual visit to the army's Eelmoor Driver Training Area, although most sprint competitors don't seem to need any more training! A strong entry turned out to do battle, with the sun joining in (eventually). In this report we bring you a selection of the award winners and other competitors, including contenders in the ACSMC and MG Car Club sprint championships.

For the overall lead, it was another close contest between Paul Kenney and Tom Caldecourt, in very different cars. Paul driving the high tech, but bulky Nissan Skyline GTR, with its 4WD and turbo power, and Tom in the bare-bones Westfield, its Zetec engine running on good old-fashioned Weber carburettors. Their best times eventually came in at 53.00 and 53.11 seconds, so Fastest Time of Day went to Paul, by this tiny margin.

In Class A2, Steve McMaster from Tunbridge Wells MC was the winner in his Renault Clio 172 Cup, and in Class A4, MG Car Club's Terry Drinkwater took second place with his much - developed MGA Coupe, which is now faster than most of the MGB's, with a spec including a crossflow - headed engine.

FDMC's Chris Surman was competing in Class C11 with his Impreza, and Rob Farley relaxes in the paddock alongside his SCC Stylus, having just finished fourth overall - ahead of many younger drivers - and the winner of Class D13.

The supercharged MG PA was being driven by its proud owner, Howard Hardman (and great picture, by Rowan), while David Mexson is taking off from the start in his Midget, with Matt Wheatley's Mini next in line.

For more pictures, and results, click to PAGE 2

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