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FDMC Sprint Royale, October 2010, Page 2

In the paddock, the competitors were being well cared for, by our regular caterers, BVN Catering; while out on the course, Rob Orford from MG Car Club was on his way to fifth place in Class 2, and the Spitfire, leaving the startline, was being driven by Peter Kayworth from the Triumph Sports Car Club.

FDMC member Chris Surman was a first-time competitor at Eelmoor with his Impreza, finishing second in Class 4, Jim Morris took sixth in class 8 with his expertly built 1600 Escort, while Matt Wheatley and his 1275GT Mini took the second place award in Class 1.

Matt Carter was the winner of Class 2 with his highly developed Honda S2000, and finally, David Hall waits for the green light in his Mk1 Lotus Cortina, which normally spends its weekends on the Historic racing circuits.

For more information about sprinting, see Speed Events, and the Sprinting section of our Forum

Overall and Class winners (with times in seconds)

Fastest Time of Day, Paul Kenney, Nissan Skyline GTR, 52.47

Class Winners:

Class 1, 1st Paul Shepherd, BMC Mini Cooper S, 61.99
Class 2, 1st Matt Carter, Honda S2000, 55.96
Class 3, 1st Simon Taylor, Alpine Renault GTA Turbo, 58.89
Class 4, 1st David Hunt, Subaru Impreza, 60.34
Class 5, 1st David Buttle, Westfield SEi, 55.11
Class 6, 1st Tom Caledcourt, Westfield SE, 54.22
Class 7, 1st Paul Fidler, Mini, 57.76
Class 8, 1st Ralph Higson, Escort 2.0, 58.41
Class 9, 1st Alastair Flack, TR7 V8, 54.26
Class 10, 1st Ian Gaskell, Westfield BDH, 52.65
Class 11, 1st Tony Perrett, Fiesta RWD, 53.09

Full results available here, Results.xls


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