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FDMC Sprint Royale, October 2008, Page 2

Among the cars making their first runs at Eelmoor was the long-awaited appearance of John Rutter's Hawk Stratos HF3000, which took him to 5th in class 9, while Paul Prescott's red Mini, which is frequently used in AutoSolos, made its sprint debut to give Paul a class win, pursued by his son Martin in the same car.

Matt Wheatley was another driver competing for the first time at Eelmoor with his Westfield SE, to finish third in class 4, and Russell Roberts and his 205GTi took third place in the large class 7, also finishing 11th overall

Peter Lawrence and his daughter Vicki shared their Nissan Sunny GTi to finish first and second in class 0 for standard production cars; Jack Meadows shared the 205 GTi with his father Tony, to finish second and third in class 2; and Andrew Thompson with his Caterham was the winner of class 4, repeating his result from 2006, in smilarly wet conditions.

Our last picture shows Tony Perrett, waiting for the start light to turn green, and facing up the first straight at Eelmoor (it's three or four gearchanges to the first right hander), in an Escort freshly built for a customer - one of these runs took the red Ford to 9th overall, and 4th in class 9.

Overall and Class winners (with times in seconds)

Fastest Time of Day, Craig Sampson, SBD Westfield SEiW, 57.88

Class Winners:

Class 0, Peter Lawrence, Nissan Sunny GTi, 67.64
Class 1, 1st Paul Prescott, Mini 1300, 68.36
Class 2, 1st Matt Carter, Honda S2000, 62.61
Class 3, 1st Simon Taylor, Alpine Renault GTA Turbo, 68.98
Class 4, 1st Andrew Thompson, 63.58
Class 5, 1st Simon Besant, Westfield Seight, 60.15
Class 6, 1st Allan Brown, Mini Marcos 1.4, 70.61
Class 7, 1st Karl Stevens, Escort 2.0, 59.61
Class 8, 1st Paul Slade, Jaguar E Type, 67.77
Class 9, 1st Dennis Jellet, Metro 6R4, 57.93

Full results available here, Results.xls


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