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FDMC Sprint Royale, October 2008

(Pictures by Colin Robinson and Richard Field)

This report is in two sections; for more pictures, and results, click 'Page 2', below.

'Outlook: wet, with wetter intervals'

For this year's Sprint Royale, several of the front running cars were being shared by two drivers, with some very close times resulting, and the wet conditions setting an additional challenge. Fastest Time of Day was eventually set by Craig Sampson, sharing Peter Hayter's yellow Westfield SEiW, by just five hundredths of a second from Dennnis Jellet in the Metro 6R4, which was also driven by George Channon.

A strong performance by Karl Stevens pushed his Escort into 4th overall, and first place in class 7, while Simon Besant took 6th overall in his V8 Westfield, just ahead of Andy Silman, who normally drives a 4 cylinder Westfield, but was sharing the V8 for a day (as homework for building something similar?).

Matt Carter and his Honda S2000 finished 8th overall, also winning class 2, while Brian Stevens, whose Mazda RX7 was also being driven by Ian Gaskell, kept us waiting until the last runs, before taking second place in the large class 7, and 10th overall.

Classic and historic cars are always a welcome sight at our sprints (perhaps they deserve a class of their own?), with Peter Ellens seen here cornering his Alpine Renault A110; the bonnet of Martin Phyllis's MGA Coupe framing some of the waiting competitors; and Nigel Patten launching his R8 Gordini from the startline, with a healthy dose of wheelspin.

For more pictures, and results, click to PAGE 2

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