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Regs for the 14/Sept Autumn Antics Slalom,
and the 05/Oct Sprint Royale

FDMC Sprint Royale, October 2007, Page 2

Among some more unusual cars, in Class 3, John Moore was our first Ferrari entry at Eelmoor in his 308GTS, and Simon Taylor took second in this class with his rapid, V6 turbo Renault Alpine GTA.

Class 6 saw Simon Trickett take second place with the Clan Crusader, which he has also been using in Solo's, and Tony Perrett was another contender in this class, with his smart Hillman Imp saloon.

Out of 11 entries in Class 7, Karl Stevens took first in class with his 2 litre Escort, and close rival Brian Stevens second in the class with his Mazda RX7, with these two drivers also finishing 5th and 8th overall.

In the same class, Peter Ellens took third place with his Renault Alpine A110, and Richard Withers fifth with his MGB GT.

Back to the 4 x 4's, and here in full flight are Tim Henry with his SimmBuggini, Ryan Cooke with his Land Rover Special, and Ben Gott with his TMC DB M11. And who won this class? The Land Rover Special - beam axles rule!

Overall and Class winners (with times in seconds)

Fastest Time of Day, Peter Hayter, SBD FAST, 49.65

Class Winners:

Class 0, Matt Carter, 306 GTi-6, 62.10
Class 1, 1st Bruce Aitken, AX GT 1.4, 62.04
Class 2, 1st Steve Woodings, Integra Type R, 57.90
Class 3, 1st Steve Wells, TVR 450 SEAC, 60.67
Class 4, 1st David Buttle, Westfield SE, 656.10
Class 5, 1st Simon Besant, Westfield Seight, 52.14
Class 6, 1st Allan Brown, Mini Marcos 1.4, 58.73
Class 7, 1st Karl Stevens, Escort 2.0, 53.97
Class 8, 1st Kevin Salsbury, Sierra Cosworth, 53.58
Class 9, 1st Martin Baker, Morris Minor 2.0, 52.95
Class 10, 1st Ryan Cooke, Land Rover Special, 59.41

Full results available here, Results.xls


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