FDMC/Hart MC Stahlwille Tools Sprint Royale, Sept 2002

(Pictures - Ian Wilson at Autograph Racing, www.autographracing.co.uk: to display captions, rest cursor on pictures)

September 1st saw the third annual Stahlwille Sprint Royale taking place at Eelmoor. A qualifying round in three Championships, and a near - full entry of 76, with two practice and three timed runs for the results, added up to a busy and enjoyable day's sprinting This report mainly features cars and drivers not seen in our reports of this year's Dimanche and Abingdon sprints, and is in two sections; for more pictures, and results, click 'Page 2', below.

The red 205GTi was shared by Chris Cole and Brian Anderson

FDMC's top finisher was Andy Silman, who continued a successful season, taking his 2 litre Westfield to 3rd overall and 1st in class.

Andy Silman heads for the infield

Seen from some of Eelmoor's vantage points: Alistair Flack's TR7 taking a tight line into the 'infield' section, Alan Hockham's Caterham turning left into the uphill loop, and Robert King's XR2i rounding the fast hairpin left, at the top end of the course.

Alistair Flack Alan Hockham Robert King

Two more class winners: Ian Gaskell's Westfield, making a road cone look tall! And Robin Harris, with his TVR Griffith 500.

Ian Gaskell Robin Harris

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