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FDMC Spring Solo, March 2006, Page 2

Nigel Hogg took third place in Class C (up to 1400 cc's), with this rally prepared Nissan Micra.

Nigel Hogg

In the Prescott team, son Martin was the winner in the Historic class with his white 998 Mini, and father Paul came second in Class C, with his red 1300 version.

Martin Prescott Paul Prescott

Peter and David Manning shared this Lotus Elise, with son David taking third place in Class G, for the over 1600 sports cars.

David Manning

Other award winners included Richard Aldcroft, second in Class D with his Honda CRX, and Michael Duncan, sharing an Opel Manta GTE in Class E with Peter, who (we think) is driving it here.

Richard Aldcroft The Duncans' Manta

Among the MG Car Club entrants, Jeremy Bayne-Powell finished fourth in the Historic class, driving this very smart 1275 Midget.

Jeremy Payne-Powell

Sample course diagram (not to scale)

Our Summer Solo will be running at this same site, to a similar format, on July 9th, and for more information about these events, see AutoSolo's.

Award winners (with times in seconds)

Club Team Award: 1st FDMC, 2nd Dolphin MC, 3rd CSMA, 4th MGCC

Best Individual Performance: Andrew Thompson, Caterham 1600, 223.4

1st in class awards:
Martin Prescott, Mini 998, 250.6
Steve Watson, Mini 1293, 243.7
Simon Harris, Golf GTi 1.8,240.0
Michael Grubb, Clio 182 2.0, 247.7
David Fuggle, Caterham 1600,234.6
Warren Till, Westfield 2.0,228.6

2nd in class awards:
Stuart Pettit, Escort Mk 1 2.0, 256.1
Paul Prescott, Mini 1300, 246.2
Richard Aldcroft, Honda CRX 1.6, 258.1
Michael Duncan, Manta GT/E 2.0, 250.9
Carl Streatfield, Lotus Elise 1.8,242.6

3rd in class awards:
Richard Withers, MGB GT V8, 258.4
Nigel Hogg, Nissan Micra 1.3, 255.0

Full results available here: by position within Class, Results1.xls, by position within Club, Results2.xls, and by overall position, Results3.xls.


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