Abingdon CAR-nival Rally and Sprint,June 2002

Photos by courtesy of Mark Sims, at Rallygallery.com; rest your cursor on the pictures, to see the captions.

For more information about the CAR-nival, see our report of the 2003 event, or Rallying, under 'Types of Event'. These pictures show some of the FDMC competitors in 2002, starting with four entries in the Rally.

Guy Wigley and Bruce Coate Bond Another event for Dave Dockree's Sunbeam Ti
New member Brian Stevens, 36th overall The Mays took the Best FDMC award

A selection of the FDMC entries in Saturday's Sprint:

Another class win for Nick Davis Keith Hazell's much sprinted Sylva
Roger Lane's very original XR3i Sprinting in luxury - Bruce Driffill
Tasty - Craig Smith's M3 The May Motorsport R5 Turbo

Most of the cars shown here run in 'production' sprint classes, but some do not! For Rod Styles' Anglia, following many hours in the garage, the current spec includes a 1700 crossflow engine, rack and pinion steering, 5 speed Sierra box, LSD, reworked suspension and brakes.....

Matthew Preston's second year at Abingdon V8 power - Dave Leonard
Looking for the apex - Richard Field Not so retro - Rod Styles' Anglia

FDMC results:

Abingdon CAR-nival Rally:

Adrian and Simon May, Escort 2.0, Best FDMC award, 26th o/a, 7th in class
Brian Stevens and Tony Perrett, 205 GTi 1.6, 36th o/a, 7th in class
Dave Dockree and Nick Davies, Sunbeam Ti 1.6, 80th o/a
Guy Wigley and Bruce Coate-Bond, retired.

Abingdon CAR-nival Sprint
(total times for both courses):

Matthew Preston (Impreza), 107.97, 5th in class
Keith Hazell (Sylva Striker), 112.27, 5th in class
Dave Leonard (Westfield SEi), 113.84, 7th in class
Nick Davies (Mazda RX7), 113.92, 1st in class
Dave Dockree (Mazda RX7), 114.25, 2nd in class
Craig Smith (BMW M3), 116.15, 6th in class
Maurice May (R5 Turbo), 117.12, 3rd in class
Brian Stevens (205 GTi), 118.39, 5th in class
Bruce Driffill (Nissan 200SX), 120.27, 9th in class
Richard Field (106 Gti), 121.11, 5th in class
Rod Styles (Anglia), 121.72, 6th in class
Roger Lane (XR3i), 124.4, 5th in class
Ian Anderson (Corsa Sport), 137.25, 3rd in class

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