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Autumn Antics 2015

Welcome to the online entry page of our ever-popular Autumn Antics loose surfaced slalom, now in its sixteenth year! If this event is new to you, our Event Reports give an idea of its nature, and for discussion about it , see the Autumn Antics Forum Thread.

Before entering, please read the Regulations, here, Regs.pdf. And, as per the Regs, for this event, cars don't need to be taxed, insured, or MOT tested.

Methods of entry and payment

An entry can be made in the traditional way, ie print out the regs, complete the entry form by hand, and post it with a cheque to the Secretary of the Meeting. Or, here's how you can submit an online entry, and pay by PayPal or credit card. BOTH the entry and payment must be received, for your entry to be accepted. Your entry will be provisional until we receive them both. So, doing both at the same time is much the best way.

Online Entry form

Fill in all relevant fields in the online entry form, Online Entryform , and then click 'Submit'.

Online payment by PayPal, or credit card

Just click the 'Pay Now' button, below, to use your Paypal account if you have one, or to use a credit card via Paypal's guest basis, ie, without having an account.

If you're not already a PayPal user, but would like to become one, then go to PayPal, and follow the (very easy) instructions for opening an account.

If you have any queries about using these methods, then do please email me, at simontaylor@fdmc.org.uk

The current entries list is here, Autumn Antics Entries. And for directions, see the Event Locations Page.

Thanks, and enjoy your Autumn Antics - The organising team.

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